3D CAD Modelling


At CAD Dzigner, we approach product design with a very specific purpose: to develop innovative solutions that function the way they need to, under the constraints of the setting they’re used in, efficiently for the user.

What does it take to make this happen? Careful study of the user environment and the user experience. A deep knowledge of behavioral science and cognitive psychology. A collaborative approach that draws on the best thinking of all stakeholders.

A comprehensive understanding of the path from idea to implementation.
And, of course, lots of experience.

In the digital era, 3D modeling design has become absolutely central to the product design and development process. With 3D printing, the need for skillful 3D modelers has extended right through to the manufacturing phase. Even products that aren't destined for 3D printing benefit from the efficiency of rapid prototyping, where additive manufacturing is used to quickly create functional prototypes that can easily go through several iterations with minimal overhead costs. 

Accurate modeling is central to all 3D design projects. Our designers often work with clients to produce realistic 3D models of their inventions to help flesh out the form that the product will eventually take in the real world. Seeing how an idea would look in a three-dimensional environment instead of as an idea on paper is an invaluable step in the creative process. A realistic rendering of your product will help you identify problems and design potentials early on, and serve as a guideline once you begin prototyping. 

CAD Dzigner has extensive experience and knowledge of both 3D software and the rigorous requirements of manufacturing and prototyping. Our designers understand the manufacturing process and are experts in creating 3D models optimized for rapid manufacturing and 3D printing, which make it easier than ever for inventors to transition from design to production. STL files can then be generated that you can take right to a 3D printer. 

Our 3D Modelling process with full efficiency 

Over the years of project planning, execution, and delivery have made our 3D modeling process streamlined enough with the least scope of error. Our process outlines as follows

1. Initial consultation between CAD Dzigner and the client.

2. The 3D modeling requirements and timeframe received from the client.

3. Final deliverables and fees are agreed.

4. All design drawings and documents, plus any other relevant information is submitted to the specialist 3D modeling team.

5. A senior engineer oversees the production of the 3D models.

6. Sample models are sent to the client for verification.

7. Final 3D rendering work is completed.

8. All 3D models are assessed thoroughly to pass rigorous quality checks.

9. Final 3D models are sent to the client for evaluation.

With digital design technology improving all of the time, the benefits of modeling and rendering for product design will only increase. CAD Dzigner offers you the best value on your investment. We have lower overhead than traditional brick-and-mortar design firms, and that allows us to keep costs down while providing services superior to those you'd get from generic outsourcing platforms. By working only with pre-qualified, top-tier designers, we're confident in offering a guarantee on the quality of our services. 

Whether you're still in the concept phase or if you're ready to start production, our 3D modeling design services will provide you with the expertise you need to successfully complete your project. Our services are available for inventors and entrepreneurs who need to hire 3D design talent for their new products, and for 3D modeling design companies that need some additional talent to meet upcoming deadlines.