FEA & CFD Analysis

Finite Element Analysis

Is this what you need?

  • Do you design your own products or manufacturing processes?
  • Are your products optimized in terms of material use, manufacturing costs or performance?
  • Have you got reliability issues, field service complaints or high warranty costs?
  • Do your products need to comply with Industry Standards such as ASME or API?

Here solutions lie for all your needs in CAD Dzigner

We can model and simulate your products or processes using FEA to better understand their mechanical and thermal behavior, Optimize your designs without the need of expensive trials and tests with our FEA services.

Our FEA consulting engineers have direct and validated experience in detailed stress analysis, linear dynamics (normal modes, sin sweep, PSD or seismic analysis), from heat exchangers to NQA-1 nuclear and likewise, from construction to transportation, nonlinear contact analysis for complicated assemblies and plastic thread design, high-power transmissions and gear assemblies, off-shore oil patch winches, top drives, and many other fields.

We have also been active in the renewable energy field with complete mechanical stress and dynamic analysis of wind turbine systems, solar panels and photovoltaic systems. We live and breathe FEA analysis and our experience has been earned the hard way by having our models validated in test and in service for over 20 years.

Static analysis

These services include:

  • Plastic collapse assessment according to ASME VIII, API 6 and PD-5500
  • Linear and non-linear stress analysis
  • Multi-bodies multi-contact analysis
  • Composite modelling and simulation services
  • CAD and FEA mesh generation services

Dynamic analysis

These services include:

  •  Vibration FEA services
    • Fatigue assessment according to ASME VIII, API 6 and PD-5500
    • Harmonic and modal FEA analysis
    • Seismic analysis according to ASCE 7-02
    • Frequency response analysis 
    • Transient dynamic analysis
  •  Explicit dynamic FEA services
    • Impact analysis, including subsea dropped object studies 
    • Crash analysis
    • Metal forming analysis

Fatigue analysis

These services include:

  • Fatigue assessment according to ASME VIII, API 6 and PD-5500
  • Thermal loading fatigue assessment
  • Crack propagation FEA
  • Weld detail fatigue analysis
  • Low and high cycle fatigue

Thermal analysis

These services include:

  • Steady-state and transient thermal studies
  • Radiation, convection and conduction thermal analysis
  • Plate and shell-and-tube heat exchanger performance assessment
  • Phase change thermal services

Transient Analysis

Transient or time-dependent or time stepping analysis is conducted when the system’s boundary condition changes with respect to time. Almost every system changes with time, it is used to capture insight into time-varying flow features or phenomena which would otherwise be difficult to capture in physical testing.

For any transient simulations, it is important to select appropriate time step required to capture the flow physics, too large a time step will result in lost detail and a time step which is too small will increase computational efforts. The right physical model, time step size and user-defined functions (UDF) is appropriate to capture the physics with fewer approximations.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Take advantage of fluid modelling (CFD) and easily locate where your product or process may fail. Our fluid dynamics services and thermal studies will give you the insight you need to optimize your products.

Hydrodynamic analysis

CFD hydrodynamics services

These services include:

  • Vortex induced vibration analysis
  • Erosion CFD services
  • Offshore equipment stability: Buoyancy and centre of gravity studies
  • Added masses for subsea hardware CFD calculations
  • Hull performance assessment and wave-making CFD solutions
  • Vibro-acoustic fluid-structure interaction
  • Wave and sea current loading on offshore structures
  • Thruster flow modelling and thruster/ hull interactions
  • Sloshing in cargo and oil / gas separator tanks CFD services

Heat transfer analysis

CFD heat transfer services

These services include:

  • Plate and shell-and-tube heat exchanger performance analysis
  • Stagnation and recirculation analysis on boilers, heat exchangers and valves
  • Joule-Thomson cooling analysis
  • Conjugate heat transfer modelling
  • Burners, boilers, heat pipes CFD services
  • Latent heat, phase change materials simulation solutions
  • LED lamp thermal CFD services

Aerodynamic analysis

CFD aerodynamics services

These services include:

  • Wind turbine blade design
  • Vortex shedding CFD services
  • HVAC CFD solutions
  • Wind-farm analysis CFD services
  • Airborne particle transport analysis
  • Aircraft wing and fuselage CFD analysis
  • Buildings & structures wind loading
  • External vehicle CFD aerodynamics services
  • Fan and rotor CFD design services

Multi-phase fluid simulation

These services include:

  • Liquid and gas diffusion in various media (oil and gas safety)
  • Fuel injection design & optimization
  • Mixed species and reacting flows CFD services
  • Particulate tracking & concentration CFD services
  • Fluid spray design & optimization CFD services