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CAD Dzigner helps companies quickly convert their existing or emergent
technologies into innovative, manufacturable and market-ready products.

3D CAD Modelling

We provide 3d CAD designs for any machine components and industrial products which is required before manufacturing.

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FEA & CFD Analysis

We provide FEA & CFD analysis to predict how a model will react to forces in the real world. It is carried out to optimize designs and understand their points of failure.

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Fabrication Drawings

We provide fabrication drawings which will provide your fabricators with the information necessary to manufacture, fabricate, assemble and install all the components of a structure.

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3D Product Rendering

We provide 3D rendering of the product which lets you understand the overall look and feel before it gets manufactured. This practice can save a lot of time, money, and headaches for everyone involved.

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3D Product Animation

We provide 3D product animation which explains your product in seconds. This will let your audience see the inner workings of a device from various angles.

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CAD Dzigner is a thoughtful organisation skilled in converting ideas into useful and desirable product designs. Whether your business is a fresh start-up or large multinational, our product design engineers and visualizers can help your team develop new product design. As a leading product design consultancy, we have a wealth of experience across a number of sectors including medical, scientific, engineering, consumer and automotive. We are available to provide complete 3D CAD Modelling, FEA & CFD Analysis, 2D Fabrication Drawings, 3D Product Rendering and 3D Product Animation of Consumer and Lifestyle products, Consumer electronics, medical products, Sport Products, Military products, House-ware.  

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